It’s time to play the music…

There are precious few shows I have fond memories of watching as a family, when I was a kid. (One of those shows was Sha Na Na, and yes, I am aware than I am old so there is no need to point it out.) And I would argue that The Muppet Show was perfect family fare: Muppets, yes, but also celebrity guests; ongoing plot lines interspersed with everything from gags to Broadway- caliber musical numbers; something for everyone!

I was crushed when The Muppet Show bid its final farewell to the airwaves in 1981. So I had high hopes for Muppets Tonight when it premiered in 1996, but… it wasn’t the same. And it wasn’t very good. (Critics agreed; it lasted just a year.) Kermit and Miss Piggy were a part of my childhood. My kids like the movies, but I wish the original show was still around to share with them, even as I realize that my kids might not find it all that great, now, anyway.

Anyway, perhaps you can imagine my glee upon reading that the muppets may be busting out a new series. At first, I remembered Muppets Tonight and was skeptical, but check it out:

It’s been reported that the Walt Disney Company has recently completed a presentation pilot for a new weekly television series starring Kermit, Piggy and the gang. The pilot is ten minutes long and is part of a proposal for a mini-series that would be shot in an Office-like mock documentary style. The mockumentary film crew would be led by fictional British filmmaker and interviewer Ian Bascombe.

The mini-series would follow lovable Kermit the Frog as he travels to reassemble his old gang so they can launch a new Muppet Show. Since we last saw the beloved characters, they have each moved on to new jobs and lives. Insecure Fozzie Bear is a solo stand-up comic (after spending a year writing for the TV series Moesha), headstrong Miss Piggy is an actress in Hollywood, patriotic Sam the Eagle works in security, etc. Once the group is assembled, they then have to plan, develop and produce the new show — and the viewers would see it all via the documentary footage.

And there’s more, too, but I’m too busy giggling over the idea of The Office starring muppets to tell you the rest. Go read it yourself. And then cross your fingers that this project makes it to the light of day, because how awesome would that be??

(Answer: So very awesome. More awesome than Pigs in Space, even.)

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