Cartoon Network setting up at MODA

I never realized that Cartoon Network was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia until I was on a visit there and couldn’t stop laughing at the billboards. There are (or were, the last time I was there, anyway) a zillion different billboards featuring various characters from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends doing, well, everything. And nothing. There are billboards of Bloo making funny faces and billboard of Wilt just standing there and—of course—one of Cheese declaring that he likes chocolate milk.

Anyway, that was my first introduction to the very large foothold Cartoon Network has in Atlanta. And starting on February 1st, Museum of Design Atlanta will be hosting the Design at Play exhibit, dedicated to showcasing “The High Design & Low-Brow Humor of Cartoon Network”:

This multi-media exhibit—featuring wide samples of print advertising and marketing materials, billboard executions, premium design, on-air spots, Websites and online games, each designed to support the network’s original animated programming—will spotlight the local talents of Cartoon Network’s renown team of designers, writers, animators, producers and graphic artists.

Spanning three full galleries at MODA, this first-time partnership also will explore the process of creating an animated television program from doodles and 3-D models to styleguides and storyboards. Futhermore, Design at Play will review the “holistic” approach to branding and promotion through multimedia platforms, explore product design and packaging for retail, and highlight creative examples of more traditional advertising.

Blah blah blah marketing blah blah blah design blah blah blah advertising. Dude, three entire galleries of Cartoon Network art! I know it’s a museum about design but three entire galleries of cartoon stuff? You don’t have to be a designer to appreciate that.

And AnimatedBliss told me what I wanted to hear:

The exhibition also will highlight the work of creative masterminds behind some of Cartoon Network’s most beloved cartoons, including animator Craig McCracken, who created the global cartoon sensation, The Powerpuff Girls, and the network’s current top original series, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, recently featured as part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

Additional original shows that will be featured include Ed, Edd n Eddy, My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Camp Lazlo.

(I think I might be a Craig McCracken groupie. And I’m not even sorry, so there.)

If you can make it to MODA on February 1st (that’s next Thursday), there’s a free opening night party happening that night from 5-9. If you can’t make it for the opening, don’t worry—the exhibit will run through May 19th. Mark your calendars and check it out if you’re in the Atlanta area.

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