I’ve become that parent I hate

My son had to stay home from school a couple of days this week, on account of a nasty cough and some silly rules about not sending your kid in when he has a fever. Honestly, that school is so rigid. Anyway.

Most of his days were spent laying on the couch, reciting entire television shows and the commercials.

On the second day, he felt well enough in the afternoon to ask if he could play on the computer, and I acquiesced. You see, for Christmas, both of my kids received Webkinz animals. (Not from me. From me they each got a few sticks and a couple of rocks and a Test Tube Alien. Obviously.)

If you’re as oblivious as I was until recently, and don’t know this phenomenon, Webkinz are little stuffed animals which come with a unique keycode to allow the owner to enter the online Webkinz world. Online, your Webkinz comes to life. There’s a variety of ways to earn Webkinz Cash, and with it kids can expand their pet’s house, dress them (my daughter’s elephant favors a ballerina outfit), feed them, and generally spoil them rotten.

My son, being the younger of my kids, doesn’t get a lot of play time with his Webkinz. He will allow his sister to take his turn if she so much as bats her eyelashes (or shoves him off the chair, which also happens). So I had no problem allowing him a bit of time to play unfettered, and it gave me a break from listening to him recite the entire commercial for the Bedazzler.

The problem is that, apparently, you have to make sure you put your pet to bed and log off from your visits to Webkinz world when you’re done, or you run the risk of your pet… becoming ill? Dying? I’m not sure. And my son, he accidentally just closed out of the window when I told him his time was up.

That night, it was about twenty minutes after bedtime when I heard crying coming from his room. Concerned, I rushed in to see what was wrong. Was he sick again? No, he was crying because he realized that he hadn’t logged out, and he was afraid his Webkinz was going to die and be gone forever.

I comforted him, assured him that that wouldn’t happen, and got him settled down. And then I did something that I had never pictured myself doing: I went and logged on to Webkinz to check on his dog. He was still there, thankfully, but he was pretty hungry. So I fumbled through the menus until I figured out how to buy him some beef-flavored jellybeans (a favorite of cocker spaniels, it told me) and feed him. Then I put him to bed and logged off properly.

Yeah. I can’t believe it either. I’m going soft! But it’s one thing to say “Pick up all of these Legos off the floor” and another thing to have to say “Well, I’m sorry your dog died, but I guess you should’ve fed him.”

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11 thoughts on “I’ve become that parent I hate

  1. I don’t know if this is good parenting or plain laziness. My four year old left her jacket in a store (I didn’t even know she had taken it off), and I was too tired to go back in the store to search for it after she told me in the car that she forgot it inside. So I told her she should keep up with her things. It was a hand-me-down anyway, and she had plenty more jackets at home. She cried for awhile because she absolutely needed THAT jacket, but then resigned herself to it after she imagined that a little girl who didn’t have a jacket would find it. Besides, she had just scored two new pairs of shoes and two new outfits, so it was a pretty good trade for her.

  2. Well you don’t have to fret as webkinz don’t die and even if they get ill you can have them healthy again in no time. And my kids (as they are younger) always forget to logoff and put their webkinz to bed and nothing bad has ever happened to them.

  3. webkinz rock and can never die they can get sick but not die. And that’s what doctor.quack is for.

  4. Why are you a mother you hate you should like being kind and soft to your kids unless, well the kid does something bad. but i donno

  5. I loved the first note regarding Webkinz and how we as parents have got sucked into the Webkinz world as well as our childern. My kids adore Webkinz, take them everywhere and play in their virtual world. The problem at my house, which has since been solved, is that I, as the mom, can’t get any computer time..my two children are in Webkinz world and get so sad when it’s time to say goodbye. Also, their requests for new Webkinz never stop (I’ve only bought them two). I’m sure like anything else (e.g., Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle-Me-Elmo) this #1 toy of the moment will take a back seat to the next new “have-to-have-it” toy. If the toymakers are smart, I think parents are going to see a whole new line of “virtual” toys/playgrounds for our kids to play with. Can’t say I’m happy about that.

  6. I live in Alberta, Canada and two years ago you could find Webkinz everywhere they were sold. I as a parent at that time couldn’t understand why I would allow my children to go on a unsafe computer sight. About a year and a half ago one of my sons bought himself one. I didn’t pay much attention to the “game”. About six months ago my 5 year old son wanted one so I at that time went on to my other sons website to find out more.Thank God I did!!!! This is a completly SECURE and SAFE an learning website for my kids to be on, 5-12yrs! Needless to say because this mother didn’t initially read all info, my older sons online Webkinz went missing one day.(You have to purchase a new Webkinz every year) And you see because they were not popular the big stores stopped selling them. I don’t think I can count the number of Webkinz this family has anymore but I can tell you how hard it is to find them. All of our city stores ( 6) have had less then 10 Web/Lil Kinz in stock in the last 6 weeks!!!! Each store says the same thing ” We order them, sometimes we get what we ask for. The stock doesn’t come in on any particular day, it just comes when it comes” That exact comment came from 5 out of 6 stores!!!!! So the Webkinz I love, the sight is amazing but the actual “customer care” is something to be questioned. (And yes I did email them to discuss things nearly 3 weeks ago now-still waiting)

  7. What can I tell you folks. I work for a retailer that sell webkinz. We have pepole that were comming in buying $500 – $600 worth weekly. They claim they are buying them for friends and neighbors???? The shortage is real we never know when the next shipment will arrive or what will be in it and Ganz give the pat corporate BS. I hope we all wise up because if not we are going to be held hostage by these little furry Canadians!

  8. I have been on webkinz now for a while and i have had a blast. Now, the website needs to have Adobe FLash Player or somthing. I dont have that and i am trying to download that but i cant! my pet is going to die and i is all because we dont have flash player. :(

  9. well, my daughter has a webkinz and when it gets sick, its face turns green and has an icepack and a thermometer. webkinz can’t die or get married or anything like that.
    It is impossible for webkinz to die! I read ti on the webkinz question page. You stupid people who think webkinz can die should read it.