Spider Riders winners (hopefully they like bugs)

contest to win Spider Riders books courtesy of Cookie Jar Entertainment and Special Ops Media. I wish I had prizes for every last one of you, because each comment gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. “You like me! You really like me!” I thought, as each comment rolled in. And then I would think, “They just want free stuff!” and I would feel slightly less warm and fuzzy, but I know that deep down, you all really love me. So.

Here is how the winners were determined:

  1. I counted up the number of comments. (There were 63.)
  2. I snuck up behind my children while they were watching TV.
  3. I pointed at my daughter. “Quick, pick a number from 1 to 63. Don’t think! Just pick one!”
  4. She looked at me like I had six heads, and answered, “Ummm… 52?”
  5. I then turned to my son and pointed. “You! Pick a number!
  6. He was much more confident than his sister, having had an extra three seconds to prepare. “13!” he yelled.
  7. I looked up commenters 13 and 52.

Congratulations to lucky commenters Paige and Amanda! You will both be receiving a trilogy of Spider Riders books, and the satisfaction of knowing that my kids apparently approve of when you decided to comment.

I haven’t seen the books, myself, but we did catch the show on the Kids’ WB this weekend and enjoyed it. After having watched a lot of Pokémon lately, I was predisposed to like this show. Because, yes, on the one hand, it’s a similar animation style, but on the other hand, Spider Riders is (to my mind, anyway) slightly less over-the-top than Pokémon. (Okay, if you must know, at the end of the second episode when the young princess declares “I am Sparkle!” I may have snorted a little. But lines like that comprise entire Pokémon episodes, so really, I can’t complain.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. We hope to have more giveaways like it in the future, so keep reading for another chance to win!

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