What you might not know about Toy Story 2

Part One recounts the author’s arrival at the (then barely-known) Pixar Studios, and the decision to make a sequel in the first place. There are some great sketches contained within that segment, too, including the one of Woody and Jessie on the turntable that appears at the top of this article.

Part Two is like a carnival of the movie’s fascinating trivia, complete with pictures. Did you know that the heroine of the movie was originally not Jessie, but one Senorita Cactus? She was… a cactus. Ouch.

Did you know that Toy Story 2 was originally slated to head direct-to-DVD, and therefore the famed Barbie sequence (my absolute favorite part of the movie, hands down) was cut out, only to return once the project was declared a full-fledged feature film?

There’s more—so much more—but I’ve probably spoled enough of it for you. Go read it for yourself. (And just try not to hear “Good-bye! Good-bye! Buh-bye! Good-bye! Are they gone? My cheeks hurt!” in your head while you’re reading.)

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