Lunchbox Funnies: Something for everyone

There’s a new kid in town; actually, there’s eight new kids in town. They can be found hanging out together on the new Lunchbox Funnies site, and they’re serious about offering something for everyone.

Newsarama’s Chris Arrant has the scoop:

Although some might classify “all ages” as kids only, it’s not: a successful “all ages” title is one that is understandable and enjoyable for people regardless of their age. If it’s something you wouldn’t mind giving to your youngest family member and your oldest, then that’s all ages. “I think there’s a misconception that the term “all-ages” refers only to entertainment aimed at children. All-ages means simply that,” said Butterfly creator Dean Trippe, whose comic is one of the eight series of the new collective.

“It seems like the idea of appealing to the largest possible audience has gone out of favor lately, as mature dramas on television get more and more adult, and simultaneously children’s programming has grown more and more juvenile,” said Trippe. “The cartoonists of Lunchbox Funnies hope to provide quality comics that anyone can enjoy—comics that parents, teachers, and older siblings can enjoy just as much as the children that look up to them. There’s just so little entertainment these days that crosses those boundaries.”

So if you’re in the market for comics you and the kids will enjoy, Lunchbox Funnies should have you covered.

So far, Cow and Buffalo is our favorite, but I feel myself falling for Butterfly based upon this description:

Butterfly stars the optimistic, young sidekick of a sidekick. Butterfly is the sidekick of Birdie, Birdie is the sidekick of Knight-Bat, and Knight-Bat works alone. The strip is a light-hearted parody of superheroes, but clearly done out of a love for the genre.

(Really, who could resist that?)

Silent Kimbly is chock-full of the kind of jokes my son loves best: Visual fun from the sort of misunderstanding a child might have about a figure of speech or other “sounds like” phrase/word, like this cute frame of a mermaid.

The Lunchbox Funnies site also hosts forums in case you have something to say about your favorite strip. And if this is your first experience with some of these animators, be sure to check out the bios to find out who’s who.

And then? Go read them all. With eight to choose from, everyone in your family will be able to find one (or more) that tickles the ol’ funny bone.

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