First, books matter; Now, Family Matters

If you have a child in public school anywhere in the United States, chances are that every few weeks your kid comes home with the latest Scholastic brochure and order form. And there is a (large) part of me that actively detests it when our children are used as pawns by our consumerist society to convince parents to buy! Buy! BUY! stuff. But there is another part of me which is a complete sucker for a good book.

(And with Scholastic, when you buy their books through the school this way, the teachers get credit towards books for the classroom, so it’s just one big educational warm-n-fuzzy win/win situation, and so guess how often I am able to resist buying more books?)

Anyway, it turns out that Scholastic has a really neat section of their web site called Family Matters, which I found by accident a few days ago when I was looking for something to do with my sick kids other than pickling and eating them. I don’t mind telling you that I was instantly and completely smitten. This site is a treasure trove of parental resources.

My original search brought me to 8 Great Sick Day Activities, which may have saved my kids from certain doom. (Honestly, I love them dearly. I do. But by the 4th day of a fever not high enough to make them sleep and not low enough to leave them well, we were all climbing the walls.) From there I went to the entrance for the Have a Wonderful Winter section and soon found myself poking through the Cabin Fever Cures. Later, I became engrossed in the informative calendar. (Did you know that the Newbery Awards will be announced this year on January 22nd? Well, now you do!)

My kids are going back to school tomorrow (praise be). But Family Matters is staying in my bookmarks.

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