Yeah, baby—Titans go groovy

Austin Powers. In fact, I now cannot stop exclaiming “Yeah, baby!” in my cheesiest voice, which is scaring the kids just a little. Sheesh. You’d think they’d be used to me by now.

It’s like they stuck the Teen Titans, the Scooby Doo gang, and Austin Powers all in a blender and turned it on. The result? Well, shows off this sneak peek. I look at that page and I sort of want to get up and dance.

DC Comics touts the upcoming issue:

Featuring art by indie comics superstar Chynna Clugston (Blue Monday, Queen Bee)! Mad Mod returns to offer the Teen Titans fame and fortune. Will their new superstar status distract the Titans from finishing off MM once and for all?

The issue is written by J. Torres and already fans over at jtorresonline are chatting it up, mostly in a very positive way. (Although, I just noticed that someone has commented that due to the holiday, all releases will be pushed to Thursday this week… so it’s supposed to be available today, but might be delayed until tomorrow. Call ahead if you’re looking for it.)

If you’re unfamiliar with guest artist Chynna Clugston, she boasts an impressive resume if the advance page wasn’t enough to pique your interest. Other than getting the Austin Powers theme music stuck in my head, I think the 38th issue of TTG is going to be perfect.

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