Where’s my medal?

I survived another Christmas with the children. I want a prize. (The children in the picture are dreaming of sugarplums. My children dream of expensive electronics.)

[Instead of a medal, I will settle for a respite from the ever-present germs the under-10 set seems determined to cultivate in my house. I have one child down and my own nose seems to be working at about 30% capacity (you're welcome). It wouldn't be a major holiday without someone getting sick, though, right?]

I think many of us moms have become accustomed to running and doing and cooking and not really enjoying our family time as much as we might, when something like Christmas rolls around. That’s certainly my tendency, anyway. I’m so busy trying to make everything special for the kids that 1) I forget that I’m entitled to some enjoyment, myself, and 2) I find myself busy doing things like crimping pie crust, when really, the children couldn’t care less about that. These are things that I’m working on. (Walking away from the pie crust, I mean. Not perfecting the pie crust.)

All things considered, my family had a lovely day yesterday. It’s always fascinating to me to watch which items the kids are the most excited about each year. Apparently my constant ranting about them being spoiled and not grateful enough for everything they have has finally paid off, because not only did both children issue appropriate thanks and appreciation for each present they received, both of them could hardly wait to… use the new toothbrushes Santa left in their stockings. Now these are the children I’ve always dreamed of having! (Although, in my dreams, after cheering about brushing their teeth they also offered to fix me a drink and bring me some bonbons.)

Now we’re looking forward to a few more days to unwind and relax before getting back into our regular routine, and I’ll be watching to see which toys continue to hold their interest past the first day or two. But mostly I’ll be really sad to have to stop using “I wonder if Santa saw you do that” as a threat for the next ten months.

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