Getting in the Christmas spirit

Well, it’s finally (almost) here. For most of us, today is the last work day before hitting the weekend and then, of course, Christmas. Personally I am overcome with that special feeling that only comes around this time of year; I am stressed out, exhausted, and about to sell my hyper children to the circus.

Just kidding. I would never sell my children. I mean, not unless it was for a lot of money.

The thing about the holiday season is that it can skip over the whole “peace on earth, goodwill towards men” thing and just get stuck in the “go, do, bake, buy, gift!” mode. I’ve been trying very hard not to fall into that trap, this year, and today I’m turning to a bit of cartoon and comic goodness to bring me back to my roots. Oh, it may not be all about peace on earth, but it’s a great reminder for me of a simpler time, when Christmas was all about Special Things )on television and beyond).

Do you love Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer as much as I do? Screen Novelties News brings us the story of restoring the original Santa and Rudolph puppets. It’s a fascinating read both because the process (and the pictures) are amazing, but because it reminds us that this movie was made in 1964, which reminds me that I am old. (I suspect it has a similar effect on other members of my generation.)

Newsarama has a great piece on assorted Christmas comics covers through the years. I may or may not have choked on my tea at this bit about the “Teen Titans Swingin’ Christmas Carol”:

The core of the story is, obviously, a retelling of the Dickens classic (featuring Ebenezer Scrounge, owner of the Junkorama junk yard), but the opening sequence offers some interesting subtext: On Dec. 25, the Titans lounge around their headquarters, reading — because that’s what hip ’60s teen-agers do. Aqualad is reading an Aquaman comic, Wonder Girl is reading Wonder Woman, and Robin is reading A Christmas Carol before being shamed into abandoning that “ungroovy” story in favor of Batman. But what’s Kid Flash reading? No, not The Flash. Superman! I’m not saying who, but someone has some mentor issues.

Animated News is kind enough to list the upcoming Starz Kids & Family Christmas Eve/Day Movie Marathon, and you can even click through for a preview short. I wonder if my kids would be willing to just sit around and watch movies all night and day. No? Hmmmm.

And last but not least: If you’re in need of a quick kitschy Christmas-related pick-me-up, check out the Simon Sez Santa. He’s fun for the whole family, but be advised that he’ll do some PG-rated things if you tell him to, so, you know, be careful about how you command him if little ones are around.

From everyone here at Ty’s Toy Box, Merry Christmas to you and yours. And that goes for whether you celebrate or not. If you do, here’s hoping you have lots of great Ty’s Toy Box stuff under the tree. If you don’t, it’s traditional to eat Chinese food and go to the movies, which is pretty good, too. Either way, enjoy your weekend and the holiday!

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