Everybody loves a parade… and The Doodlebops

It’s just about that time of year again: The 2006 Walt Disney World Christmas Parade will be airing on ABC at 10:00 AM this Sunday, December 24th. In addition to the usual suspects—oh, you know, those tried and true Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Regis Philbin, and Kelly Ripa—the Disney parade strives to bring the “hottest acts” to the mix each year. This year? That can only mean one thing.

The Doodlebops are performing in the parade:

The Doodlebops will perform a special Holiday song for all their fans, and the parade includes other acts such as the cast from High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Beyonce.

(I love how the site felt compelled that there would be other people performing, as well. Those Doodlebops! Teaching lessons about sharing and stuff!)

Anyone who’s been reading here for a while knows that I am somewhat lukewarm on The Doodlebops, personally. It’s not that I don’t like their music; some of it is quite good, actually. It’s the costumes. They freak me out. They have tiny little foam ears and technicolor hair and I don’t know, call me old-fashioned, but they’re just visually a bit much for me.

Fortunately for the bright and perky trio, I appear to be in the minority. The Doodlebops have legions of fans, most of whom are probably unconcerned about those weird little ears which have no holes whatsoever. (Seriously, how do they hear through those? Anyone?)

In fact, I was recently alerted to a loyal Doodlebops fan whose mom has come to rely on the Ty’s Toy Box Doodlebops Store to fulfill all of her Doodlebops-related wishes. And even my blackened, shrunken heart was touched by this adorable photo of little Peyton Hamilton jamming as Mo Doodlebop for Halloween:

However, look at these additional photos of Peyton:

You cannot tell me that in that last one she’s not saying, “Dude, seriously, what is WITH these weird fingers?”

Regardless, Peyton makes an exquisite Mo (and thanks to her mom, Janelle, for sharing her with us!) and I’m guessing her family will be tuning in to the parade this weekend. Hey, depending on the camera angles, we might not even be able to see their ears while they perform.

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