Trish from Memphis — Hi-5′s biggest fan! (Part 2)

Did you enjoy part 1 of my interview with Trish, yesterday? Trish’s enthusiasm for Hi-5 is infectious, and I hope you had as much fun reading about how much she loves them as I had talking to her about it.

Today we’ll take a look at what sets Trish apart when it comes to fandom. Many fans are content to admire from afar or maybe start a little local club or something. Most fans never have any sort of impact on the person or group they admire. Trish has not only followed Hi-5 through the years but has actually developed relationships with its members (and perhaps influenced their performances!), and her Hi-5 MySpace is considered the go-to location for United States Hi-5 news.

Clearly Trish is in the mob. Oh, wait. That’s not it. Clearly Trish has gone the extra mile to both network with other fans and make connections with the group itself, and I’d like to point out that I doubt it’s a coincidence that a busy mom was able to make such a mark. You go, Trish!

Still think that Hi-5 has a modest fan base? Read on….

Toy Box Mommy: You mentioned finding a Yahoo! group online dedicated to Hi-5 as your first foray into finding other Hi-5 fans.

Trish from Memphis: After that first time Zoe and I saw them on television, I looked up Curtis on the internet and found Then I found a group on Yahoo! with about 30 members, all adults who were just as infatuated with Hi-5 as me. The Yahoo! members all wanted to learn more about Hi-5 and the five cast members we watched on TV each day. At the time, the only information on the ‘net was about an Australian group with the same name but a totally different cast.

After two years, the original Hi-5 Yahoo! Group has grown to 7,000 members strong and sprouted 6 more Hi-5 Yahoo Groups*, full of parents and teens and young adults, all obsessed with this “preschool pop” band and its five members. We are an official “cult” following!

TBM: Six separate discussion groups? Really? What do you… do there?

Trish: As fans, we talk about Hi-5 to everyone so much that many of our friends and family feel that we are over the top with how devoted we are about spreading the word. I have been labeled “obsessed” a “stalker” and a “crazed wannabe groupie” — and that’s all from my husband! (He actually limits my “Hi-5 Time” so I can get my other work done!)

The Yahoo! Group “Boardies” have donated Hi-5 videos and DVDs to schools, hospitals and libraries. We’ve also distributed Hi-5 stickers, Hi-5 autograph cards, Hi-5 promotional DVDs and we’ve just finished hanging posters around town advertising the new Hi-5 DVDs. We work hard but, honestly, we love doing it.

The cast of Hi-5 enjoys the attention and adoration from their fans and appreciates the work we put into spreading the word out about the show. Every time I’ve been to a “meet and greet” session after a Hi-5 concert, every member would thank me for the work I did for them. Shaun is so sweet he says it like a million times!

TBM: So the group is aware of the discussion groups and your MySpace page?

Trish: Definitely. Recently, several PR people behind Hi-5 have joined our Yahoo! Groups. They’ve seen my Hi-5 MySpace and seem to have been listening to what the fans want — whether it’s merchandise or tour dates and venues. It’s really great to see an entity like Hi-5 pay attention to the consumers and strive to make us happy.

I often include a Captain Puffy Pants statement in my signature when I send posts to the Yahoo! Groups. The cast and “the powers that be” read the boards and they actually included the skit in the Move Your Body tour two years ago. They knew I’d go nuts (and I did)!

Hi-5 has a great PR team working hard to get them the national recognition the show deserves. Of course, there is much more that could be done… and that’s where the fans come into play.

TBM: Right, fans like you! Tell me about starting your Hi-5 MySpace.

Trish: There used to be a music MySpace for Hi-5 last summer. It didn’t have much information and the songs didn’t work half the time. It was taken down in August and a few weeks later I put my Hi-5 MySpace together. It sat for about two months, in private mode, with just a few pictures and a little info. One by one the hardcore fans started to find me and I would add them as friends.

After hearing that Hi-5 was going to release two new DVDs, I stayed up until 3 a.m. perfecting the site. I try to keep on top of all the latest info as well as the latest Hi-5 sightings and video clips of appearances, concerts and promo ads. I try to include lots of information about former members Karla and Shaun and their endeavors after Hi-5, as well as info about newest members Yasmeen and Sydney and their careers prior to Hi-5.

TBM: Wow, I bet the cast loves it.

Trish: If you check out my Hi-5 MySpace, you’ll see that Jenn and Kimee both sent me video “thank you”s for the page… and gave their approval. They are such sweet people.

TBM: Well I have a feeling it would be hard not to like you, Trish. Just a hunch I have. So what’s next for you and Hi-5?

Trish: I’m really looking forward to the new tour kicking off February 17th. Here’s hoping that they make a stop near Memphis this time. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve seen Hi-5 and I can’t wait to meet Yasmeen and Syd!

Many, many thanks to Trish for talking to me about Hi-5, her MySpace page dedicated to them, and the world of Hi-5 fandom. I really enjoyed my little peek into her world, and encourage all Hi-5 fans to stay tuned to her Hi-5 MySpace for the latest Hi-5 news.

* Looking for the Yahoo! discussion groups Trish mentioned? Here they are:
Hi-5 fan group
American Hi-5 fan group
Jennifer Peterson-Hind fan group
Karla’s Hi-5 Korner
Shaun Taylor-Corbett fan group
Curtis Cregan fan group
Yasmeen Sulieman fan group
Sydney James fan group
Kimee Balmilero fan group (Trish runs this one)

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16 thoughts on “Trish from Memphis — Hi-5′s biggest fan! (Part 2)

  1. Hey Trish,

    As we say here ‘up north,’ you rock like a rockin’ thing! Your MySpace is great and just keeps getting better! Woo hoo! (Or should I say Woot?! Or maybe Arrrgggh?)

    Love ya!

  2. Can’t wait to join the myspace (when I’m at home, and y’all know how often I get on the computer at home – we are locked out at work which is why I haven’t even viewed the site yet!!!). Thanks again Trish for all you do for Hi-5 (and the rest of you too – you know who you are). I doubt much of what’s happened would have happened if it hadn’t been for the hard-core Hi-5ers. XO Lois

    PS – GREAT interview!

  3. WOOT! Just got done with Christmas Program and Party, then Christmas shopping with the SIL and then Birthday shopping with Nick! (Happy Birthday my Little Budger!!) Had a sec to stop to check out Part Deux before birthday dinner…..all I gotta say is…

    Puff is the Stuff Baby! WOOT!!!

  4. You go Trish!
    Way to promote promote promote!!
    I hope you get your wish and Hi-5 swings by Memphis
    for a stop on their tour and CPP makes a special appearance!!
    WE LOVE YOU Hi-5!!
    Hugs n Hi-5′s
    Bonnie from Beautiful, BC, Canada!

  5. Go Trish!!!! Love the MySpace site.

    Hi-5 is the best. My two girls love singing along in the car and dancing along to the show at home. We are a Hi-5 family since the music and shows are so great they don’t work on the parents nerves.

  6. Thanks for introducing the MySpace site to us!

    My 4 1/2 year old daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVES Hi-5…We hope that they come to Canada…and a place that we can go to see them…like Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto!?!?!?…Can’t wait to see the tour announcement updates for 2007!…It is the HIPPEST and BEST children show out there and I hope they do more PR and marketing to promote what a GREAT show they have!…I have been telling everyone that I know to watch it!

  7. We love Hi-5 this is what we do….dooo dooo dooo doo doo doo doo dood odoooddooo!

    Trish you are awsome girl! Keep up the great work!

  8. Go Trish! and Viki, love your comment as only a Hi-5 fan could…

    We’re havin’ fun! so come and play… join Hi-5′s Myspace today — YAY HI-5!

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    We (the fans) have set up a petition site, another myspace and a website for fans to visit to express their support for our cause to get new shows ordered. I am also going to the Louisville, KY show the end of this month and will be drumming up signatures for the petition, maybe I will see you there! We have also created Tshirts with our slogan “Keep American Hi-5 Alive” so you can spot us at the shows and give your support. If you attend a Hi-5 show in the next few weeks, look for us!


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