Trish from Memphis — Hi-5′s biggest fan! (Part 1)

Picture me, your humble Toy Box Mommy, hanging my head in shame. Last week when I wrote a post about children’s show fan MySpace pages, I somehow completely overlooked the awesome Hi-5 fan page maintained by one Trish from Memphis. Trish was kind enough to point out my error (actually, I think she said “My myspace is better than the Backyardigans!!!” which, well, good to know you’re not competitive about it or anything, Trish), and was generally a good sport about it.

In fact, she was such a good sport, I decided to take advantage of her.

“Hey Trish,” I said (because now we are old friends, and I can call her just Trish and she can call me just… Toy… umm… anyway…), “How would you like to do an interview for the Ty’s blog?” And Trish agreed, because she is one cool lady. And possibly because she felt sorry for me, because so many rabid Hi-5 fans came to yell at me for leaving her out of the original post, she probably feared for my safety if we didn’t make up publicly.

So buckle up, because this is your chance to learn all about both the dirt on Hi-5 and how to be The World’s Biggest Fan.

Trish is mom to Nick (who is turning 8 tomorrow… happy birthday, Nick!) and Zoe (age 5 1/2), and reports that the entire family loves Hi-5. I asked her to start from the beginning.

Toy Box Mommy: How did you first discover Hi-5? Was it love at first sight (or listen)?

Trish from Memphis: My daughter, Zoe, was sick and I took the day off of work to stay home with her. I started surfing through the channels for something for a 2-year-old to watch when I found Hi-5 on TLC. It was the “Senses” week and Zoe and I immediately fell in love with the Five Senses song. At the time, we were a big Wiggles family; but wouldn’t admit it to our friends. Hi-5′s songs, on the other hand, were cool and catchy and the show was educational and fun; plus the cast was cute and perky… like cool preschool teachers.

I love telling everyone I know about Hi-5. It’s such a fresh concept in the US and has such a different style of songs and learning. It’s not cheesy and it’s not full of ridiculous songs that will embarrass you if you are caught singing them in the grocery store or are caught listening to the CD after you drop your kids off at school.

TBM: Does everyone in your family have a favorite cast member?

Trish: Nick’s favorite cast members are Shaun and Curtis and Zoe’s favorite is Jenn. Personally, I do kind of have a crush on Curtis; my hubby has learned to accept it. My favorite Hi-5 segment has always been when Curtis plays Captain Puffy Pants. That skit is hilarious!! Curtis’ big, puffy pants keep knocking people over, and Kimee as “Captain Hi-Note” is singing at the top of her lungs… it just tickles me. You’ve got to love a preschool show that can keep a parent entertained too! Honestly the whole family loves the entire Hi-5 cast.

TBM: Have you seen Hi-5 live in concert? What’s that like?

Trish: We’ve met the cast of Hi-5 three times: St. Louis in 2004, Bentonville, AR in August 2004 and Merrillville, IN in January 2005. In 8 months, We drove 55 hours and about 2500 miles just to see Hi-5!

Chrissy [a fellow Hi-5 fan met online] and I (and our kids) made the trek to all three of my Hi-5 shows together. We wore our homemade Hi-5 T-Shirts and she made Hi-5 hands on a stick and little ponytail holders for the kids. Our kids would wear their Hi-5 clothes that we paid a fortune for on eBay (shipped from Australia; this was before Ty’s Toy Box carried Hi-5 gear). It really got the kids noticed with the cast and even the suits in the background.

During the performances, the cast of Hi-5 always hammed it up for our cameras and would hang out for a long time after the autograph sessions and just shoot the breeze. Shaun would talk cars with the hubbies and the women would be gossiping about promotions and new DVDs and CDs and stuff (the real work) and my daughter (then 3) would get passed from lap to lap of the different cast members. You would hear “There’s my Zoe! I missed you — you have to come here and give me a big hug!” After a while they seemed like family, like old friends that you haven’t seen in ages. It kind of makes me tear up a little because now our kids are bigger and the Hi-5 cast members are growing up too! It’s great to see Jenn getting married and Curtis is engaged and ready to start a family. Even Shaun and Karla who are doing their own things now. Everyone is growing up into very down-to-earth but strong and beautiful people; they love their craft and it shows with their performances.

The cast of Hi-5 are just a great bunch of genuine people who can hang with kids as well as adults.

TBM: What would you say to the Hi-5 uninitiated about why you love the group so much and they’re worth checking out?

Trish: I’d say in my strong southern accent, “Why do those kids’ shows have to have such annoying songs? I tell you, my kids love this show on TLC… you know, The Learning Channel? Yeah, it’s a great show… it’s kind of like pop music for preschoolers, and they teach the kids about shapes and numbers and music and using their imaginations (cuz y’know, kids nowadays don’t even know what an imagination is anymore). It’s called Hi-5, have you seen it? It’s great, you should definitely check it out.”

TBM: Heck, I’m sold. But maybe it’s just that I want to see that puffy pants skit. Hard to know.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2—all about how Trish started her Hi-5 MySpace and the power of an organized fan base. After all, without folks like Trish and her cohorts clamoring for more Hi-5, you’d still be buying Australian merchandise on eBay instead of finding it here at Ty’s Toy Box.

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15 thoughts on “Trish from Memphis — Hi-5′s biggest fan! (Part 1)

  1. Hey Trish!!

    You go, girl!!

    keep spreading the word!!

    Hugs and Hi-5′s…

  2. What a great interview! Thanks, TBM, for interviewing one of Hi-5′s greatest fans, and Trish, thank you for sharing your insights into one of the best kids TV shows around. Woot to you, Trish, and lovelove!


  3. I’ve been lucky enough to know Trish and her strong southern accent for more than 3 years now, and I have to add that her “Hi-5 Insider” Myspace is totally awesome, complete with Holiday greetings from Kimee and Jenn, photo collages and video from some of their concerts including more recent ones. Check it out and you’ll be hooked on Hi-5 too — and just wishin’ to be in the audience next to Trish from Memphis! WOOT!

  4. Never, NEVER underestimate the power of Hi-5 fans. We’re loyal, devoted, “rabid” and proud!

    Trish has hung in there through thick and thin. She’s set up an awesome Hi-5 fanpage and we appreciate all that she has done.

    Here’s hoping that Hi-5 makes their way to Memphis on their 2007 tour!

  5. “You Are Some Kind of Wonderful” Trish!

    Thanks for sharing all of your GREAT experiences with HI-5 and helping to spread all of the Magic that they have to offer! And thanks to Hi-5 for being who and what they are! We Love You!

    Love, Hugs & Hi-5′s from
    New Westminster, British Columbia

  6. Wow Trish you totally ROCK!!
    What a great 1st part interview!!
    HI-5 is a great source of both knowledge and entertainment in the same 20 minutes!! The Hi-5 gang help my soon to be 4 yr old [Evan]counting to 5..on his way to 10, shape sorting and knowing his colours by the age of 2!!….Brilliant TV for sure!!
    Curtis, Karla, Kimee, Jenn, Shaun, and the new hi-5 friends, Sydney and Yasmeen are awesome and full of fun and energy when meeting them in person too!!
    Trish, Deb,[Kent...hehe] Scott, Clarissa, Theresa, Chrissy, Annie, Lois and all the Hi-5 boardies are awesome and full of Hi-5 info too!!
    *waves to Janice in New Westminster*
    Hugs ‘n lots of HI-5′s all around,
    Bonnie from Abbotsford, BC, Canada!

  7. Trish …. you totally ROCK girl! How awesome that you get to do an interview singing the praises of our gang Hi-5!

    I LOVE the Captain too!

    Hi-5′s from Jennifer in San Diego

  8. ok… i’m only a bazillion months late posting my comments! how embarrassing! i thought i’d posted!

    Hi-5 and the boardies are the absolute BEST! i’ve made some of my closest online friends on the board… it’s fun to have moms (and dads – Hi Scott! Hi Ken!) who are just as overzealous about Hi-5 as we are — some of us have met the gang and each other over the years… we’re a little family which makes it even more fun to support the gang! :D

    come on over and join the fun!!! :D

    “love love” (as Kimeejay would say!)

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    We (the fans) have set up a petition site, another myspace and a website for fans to visit to express their support for our cause to get new shows ordered. I am also going to the Louisville, KY show the end of this month and will be drumming up signatures for the petition, maybe I will see you there! We have also created Tshirts with our slogan “Keep American Hi-5 Alive” so you can spot us at the shows and give your support. If you attend a Hi-5 show in the next few weeks, look for us!


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