Avatar DVDs to include bonus comics

is reporting good, but slightly tension-filled, news for fans of Avatar:

It appears Nickelodeon is giving fans a reason to buy the Avatar volumes being released next year; they’re packaging an exclusive comic in each set. Here’s a quote from a Video Business article about their plans:

Each of the four releases in season two will be packaged with an exclusive collectible comic book, culminating with a boxed set toward the end of the year, similar to what the company did this year with the first season.

So now fans will have to decide whether to buy the volumes and get the comics, or wait and get the season set which could have a bonus disc, but may not include the comics. “Book 2: Earth, Volume 1″ comes out on January 23, 2007.

I suppose the Powers That Be are hoping that folks will buy the volumes as they become available—both to get the comics and to have the show in-hand as soon as possible—and then they’ll whip up some super-fantastic bonus disc that none of us can live without in the hopes that we’ll buy the boxed set, as well.

Well I, for one, am not going to fall for it! I want the comics. I mean, er, my son wants the comics. And how good could that bonus disc really be, anyway? I will simply avert my eyes once it’s available. Ahem.

By the way, did you know that Avatar storyboard artist Justin Ridge has a blog? (Of course he does, you’re saying. Everyone has a blog.) (Just be careful over there, because not all of his artwork is kid-safe. Don’t go calling the kids over to the computer only to scream and clamp your hands over their eyes.) Somehow I missed it back in November when he gave us a sneak peak of a panel from one of those upcoming bonus comics. It looks great!

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