Teen Titans bonus cartoon available online

TitansGo.net? Somewhere with a lot less knowledge of where to go for a handy Teen Titans fix, that’s where.

According to TGN, issue 37 of the “Teen Titans Go!” comic book contained a special 6-page bonus insert:

Written by Marc Sumerak and drawn by TTG regular artist Todd Nauck, the story features the Titans teaming up with Sara Hunter, a dyslexic girl on a mission to save her father. This bonus comic is part of an effort by Schwab Learning to promote child education.

According to the story, Sara is a childhood friend of Beast Boy, and is an archaelogist like her dad. She proves to be a fun character, one we wouldn’t mind seeing pop up in later “official” TTG stories.

You can check out screen shots of the pages over at TGN, or you can read the entire thing through SparkTop.org in their little viewer interface (very slick!).

If you simply must have a paper copy of this mini-adventure for your very own, hop on over to Marc Sumerack’s site for the complete list of comics where the insert can be found. Although I have to admit to a bit of cognitive dissonance over discovering that you can grab the Titans in an issue of Archie. Although I can almost envision Beast Boy and Jughead hanging out together….

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