Animation ready for the Golden Globes

As animated feature-length films continue to grow in popularity, it almost seems odd to realize that for the first time ever, the 64th edition of the Golden Globe Awards will have a dedicated category for animated films.

The announcement was made this past January:

Next year’s Golden Globes will offer a new category when the awards are announced in January, 2007.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association voted last month to establish “Best Animated Feature Film” commencing with “The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards” in 2007, it was announced today by Philip Berk, President.


The new category of “Best Animated Feature Film” brings the total number of Golden Globe Awards categories to 25 in addition to the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Well, duh (as my daughter might say). It’s about time, no? Gone are the days when you would sit in a dark theatre where cartoons romped onscreen, plying your children with popcorn while chaos from everyone else’s kids swirled around you. Well, hmm. Actually, I guess that’s not gone, but in addition to that you’ll now see something new: People without kids. Today’s animated flicks are for all ages, with appeal to a much wider audience than their predecessors.

And—let’s face it—they started giving out an Academy Award for animation in 2001. C’mon, Hollywood Foreign Press! What took you so long?

Anyway, the point is that animation is hot right now. Even still, I was surprised to see that there are 16 animated films qualified for the upcoming Golden Globes:

Sixteen animated feature films have been qualified for consideration for the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards honoring 2006 achievements, Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk annouced Wednesday.

Also qualifying are 184 live-action feature films (119 dramas and 65 comedies or musicals), 124 TV series (73 drama and 51 comedies), 38 mini-series or TV-movies, and 56 foreign-language films.

In addition, 88 songs are eligible for the Golden Globe for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture.

Well, I guess it doesn’t seem like so many, when compared to 184 live-action films. Still, 16 animated films with a shot at one of those shiny statues. Not too bad.

We’ll have to sit tight until the Golden Globes show on January 15th, but I can’t wait to see which 2006 offering goes home with the prize. I assume it’s going to be Cars, although there is a small part of me that would be really thrilled if it ended up being Curious George. Care to weigh in with your predictions?

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