Funny for 17 years and counting

Watching The Simpsons* is something that I’ve been doing for a really long time. And I go through something akin to the various stages of grief, with it, sometimes, except in this case, it’s more like the stages of Thinking I Shouldn’t Admit This.

Stage 1: Denial: What? No, I don’t watch The Simpsons. Don’t be silly.

Stage 2: Anger: Oh good lord, I cannot believe I wasted half an hour watching this show. Again. So much of it is so offensive. Why do I get sucked in?

Stage 3: Bargaining: You know, sometimes the humor is actually really clever and smart and funny. I’ll just make sure I don’t laugh at any of the other stuff. Yeah.

Stage 4: Depression: I’m watching The Simpsons again. Alone. I think I need more friends.

Stage 5: Acceptance: You know what? This is a pretty good show. And I watch it. So there.

I’m pretty well entrenched in Stage 5 right now. I love The Simpsons. There. I said it. I think it’s funny, yes, and more importantly, I share Homer’s love of all things food related. (“Mmmmm… hog fat.”) I’d like to think I’m more Lisa than Bart, but let’s just not go there. I watch, I enjoy.

And I bet you do, too. Even if you won’t admit it.

Anyway, now that we have this little secret just between us, I thought you might like a couple tidbits of Simpsons news.

First, Comics Continuum has the scoop on “Moe’n'a Lisa,” the upcoming November 19th episode:

When Homer forgets Moe’s birthday, Moe’s anger inspires Lisa to write about him for her school report. She finds a poetic side to Moe and helps him get published in “American Poetry Perspectives.” However, when Moe is featured at a literary conference — where he encounters celebrated authors Gore Vidal, Michael Chabon, Tom Wolfe and Jonathan Franzen, all guest-voicing as themselves — he takes all the credit despite Lisa’s feelings.

(You can see an image of the mentioned authors, Simpson-fied, here.)

Now, I’m a book buff so I’m excited to see these personalities in action (and to see what the show forces them to say!), but I’m a geek that way.

Die-hard Simpsons fans may be more excited to know that Apple has released the trailer for the upcoming Simpsons Movie (due out next year). The trailer is hilarious, as expected. Thanks to Cartoon Brew for the link.

Embrace your Simpsons addiction! Admitting it is the first step, you know.

*The Simpsons bear no relation to Ty’s Toy Box CEO Ty Simpson. That I know of, anyway. Actually, that’d be kind of cool. Ty, how do you feel about bacon?

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One thought on “Funny for 17 years and counting

  1. I never had a problem with The Simpsons. But this Family Guy? Now that’s offensive. Love South Park, though.