Next up: Air Guitar Elmo?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this holiday season’s big craze is Elmo TMX, the animatronic Elmo who flails around in paroxysms of laughter when you tickle him. Stores everywhere are selling out, and the apoplectic knee-slappers are turning up on eBay at a huge markup, serving as fodder for desperate parents and collectors.

I have deja vu.

I remember when this happened with the very first Tickle Me Elmo. I didn’t so much understand the big deal, then, and I don’t understand the big deal now. (I’m a rebel. My kids had a Tickle Me Grover—less popular and bought on the off season—which I found infinitely funnier. Elmo’s voice makes me want to hurt someone, whereas Grover’s voice is made for laughing. But I digress.)

Every holiday season brings The One Big Toy that sparks a flurry of consumer obsession, and I just don’t see how Elmo is going to be able to keep it up. Unless….

Check out this article about air guitar t-shirt technology. Yes, pretty soon you’ll be able to buy a t-shirt that will interpret your slammin’ guitar moves and actually produce music. How cool is that? Depending on the price, I can see it developing into a hot commodity. Of course, I can also see teachers then lobbying for a “silent clothing” rule, which would be necessary, I suppose, but weird.

So I predict that Elmo will have to hop on the technology bandwagon to stay hot. Maybe he’ll have his air guitar routine and come with a shirt for Junior; who knows? Stay tuned for Air Guitar Elmo being sold out at a store near you. And remember that you read it here first. “That Toy Box Mommy,” you’ll say, shaking your head in wonder, “she predicted this! I remember! Let’s go ask her about global warming!”

But I will be busy watching cartoons, so you might have to leave a message.

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