Countdown to Good Wilt Hunting

National Adoption Month by ramping up Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is pure brilliance. (Yes, I’m aware there’s more to this issue than a cartoon about abandoned imaginary friends. I encourage you to click that link back there for resources about National Adoption Month, absolutely, but when you’re done being a grown-up and want to talk cartoons, come on back over here.)

So. Let’s talk Foster’s. There’s a new episode premiering every Friday night at 7:00 in November. We missed it, last Friday, but happened to catch “Bloo’s the Boss” (last week’s episode) last night.

It never fails to amaze me how hard Foster’s makes me laugh. Seriously. My kids stop laughing at the show to laugh at me, because I can’t stop laughing. And I can’t. I love this show. I may need professional help. But if this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Mid-episode, Cartoon Network ran an ad for their upcoming Thanksgiving Fosterpalooza (my word; though if they want to borrow it, it’s okay with me). Thanksgiving will bring a marathon of Foster’s all day long, culminating in the premiere of the new hour-long Foster’s movie, Good Wilt Hunting:

After once again having no visitor at the Foster’s Creator Reunion Picnic, a lonely Wilt sets out across the country in hopes of reuniting with his long lost creator, in “Good Wilt Hunting.” Uncertain as to why Wilt left, Bloo and the Foster’s gang set out on a road trip to find him. Hindered by Bloo’s far-out theories and Wilt’s overly good nature, the chase takes many unexpected twists and turns and all the while we come to learn about Wilt’s mysterious past.

Word is that the movie will also introduce us to Eduardo’s creator and the scientist who first studied Coco.

I can’t wait. Er, I mean, my kids can’t wait. Ahem.

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One thought on “Countdown to Good Wilt Hunting

  1. Great post! Can’t wait for the colder weather to get out to the woods.