Code Lyoko sneaks back in

I think I’ve written once before about my son’s rabid love for all things Code Lyoko. Me, I’m willing to accept that perhaps something has been lost in translation (this is a production from France, you see) and/or that I’m simply too old to appreciate it. It’s not that I dislike it, it’s just that I don’t really understand why there’s this alternate reality and what happens there.

But my son has loved this show truly, madly, deeply ever since we first caught it about a year ago. He acts out episodes and invents his own and I nod and smile and tell myself this will likely pass before he leaves for college. (It will, right? Right?)

Something interrupted his slavish Lyoko devotion this past Summer, though. Cartoon Network cancelled the series. At least, I thought Cartoon Network cancelled it. They stopped showing it. News about it ceased to appear, save for various fansites decrying this awful decision.

My son was crushed. It was a matter of great sorrow, for a while, and then life went on. I completely forgot about it.

Well, I’m all kinds of confused, now. Last week we happened to turn on Cartoon Network at about 4:30 and there was Code Lyoko again! At first I thought it was reruns, but no, apparently Season 3 started up in October and I missed it entirely. Please don’t tell my son. Now we’re back to the daily begging to turn on the television to see if Code Lyoko is on. Thanks, Cartoon Network.

According to this very long thread on the Toon Zone Forum, Season 4 is in the works. There’s plenty of up-to-date and breaking news to be found at, as the official web site has surprisingly little to say on the matter.

And I just discovered that the Toonami Digital Arsenal’s Miguzi Downloads includes the unaired Lyoko pilot episode. Maybe if I watch that, I’ll finally know what’s going on? Doubtful, but hope does spring eternal.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more Code Lyoko developments, but in the meantime, if you—like me—didn’t realize it was back, tune in to Cartoon Network weekdays at 4:30. (And if you figure out what’s going on, please tell me. I’d like to be able to converse with my kid again.)

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10 thoughts on “Code Lyoko sneaks back in

  1. I don’t understand things from France either. Like Babar? All it takes for an elephant from the wild to become civilized is a really fine suit of clothing? Who knew?

  2. well actually you see this show takes place at a school ok and evrey summer they stop showing it and then some where arond when school starts up again so does the show with a new season i watch the show some i’m olny 13 ^.^

  3. just so you know… in season three, Aelita starts to get her memory back and basically season three (more towards the beginning) is where you learn more about lyoko and its origins and such.

  4. I’ll try to summarize the premise-

    Lyoko is a virtual reality located within a supercomputer hidden in an abandoned factory. Within it is an evil AI named XANA. It can launch attacks on the real world by activating the towers you see all over, which Aelita has to deactivate.

    …only, as of the end of Season 3, XANA has escaped to the Internet and deleted Lyoko.

    Alas, the pilot episode won’t help with understanding the plot much, since a lot was changed in the transition to an actively produced show. It has good music, though.

  5. The episode Yumi and Ulrich almost kiss is called “Routine”.

    I sound almost exactly like your son, only I’m 15 years old. (How sad is that??) But my parents simply HATE the show. They think it gets me too distracted. *rolls eyes* But I can understand how you are confused. It’s a really complex show… I don’t see how younger children can even understand what’s going on! It’s not that I want to like the show… the first time I saw it I couldn’t believe how big their forheads were. But I was instantly hooked. No matter how much I hate the episode I’m watching, I can’t seem to turn it off. It kind of stinks.

  6. It does not seem to be airing. Instead of seeing CL, I get pokemon. I don’t mind Pokemon, but it’s not what I’m looking for.
    So I’m wondering: Have they cancelled it temporarily due to lack of new episodes? Season 3 did go bye pretty quickly.
    It doesn’t make sense, actually. I’ve been searching the net for a while trying to find showtimes because cartoon network is not listing CL.
    So if anyone knows the channel number, showtimes, etc, please e-mail ‘em to me. My e-mail is
    God forbid they’ve moved it to another channel. I don’t get that many.

  7. I heard that they were supposed to air the 4th season in march but it still hasn’t aired. i will kill cartoonnetwork if they don’t show the 4th season. if anyone knows when the 4th season will air, the e-mail is plz and thank u!