Stay in shape for the holidays

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Do you know this fellow to the right, here? That’s Magnus Scheving, a.k.a. Sportacus of the hit series LazyTown. If your little ones turn into couch potatoes in front of the television, you need to introduce them to LazyTown. If you think he’s perky-looking in this photo, just wait until you see Sportacus in action. Sportacus doesn’t walk, he backflips. Pretty slick.

Billed as a children’s comedy for the 4-7 age range, LazyTown grew out of what Scheving felt was a need to address rising obesity levels in children. From

The combination of puppets, live characters, and CGI animation grabs kids with a look that is bright, colorful, and very different from other shows. The exaggerated look appeals to the targeted 4-7 years age group, and is further enhanced by the unique music and fun dance numbers.


Each episode of “LazyTown” focuses on a physical or social issue that is presented to kids through the example of the characters and the learning process the characters go through as the story develops. Episode subjects range from things like doing a job right to brushing your teeth, and many of the shows in some way emphasize the importance of healthy eating and staying active.

All of this is good, of course. But what endears me most about Sportacus (other than the pointy little moustache…) is this:

Sportacus, the town superhero, travels by mode of back handsprings and other gravity defying stunts, gets to bed on time, brushes his teeth, and keeps his place neat and clean.

I don’t particularly want my kids doing “gravity defying stunts,” but I could definitely get behind some on-time toothbrushing and tidy rooms before bed. Just sayin’.

Anyway, as we head into the Season of Eating, you may wish to review Sportacus’ Top Ten Tips to Help Kids/Families Stay Healthy During the Holidays. I know that any reminder to do more than flop on the couch with a piece of pie is a good thing, this time of year.

And while we’re thinking about the holidays, have you checked out Ty’s line of customizable LazyTown watches? Little LazyTown fans would love to find those in their stockings, and would probably marvel at Santa knowing their names. Granted, prior to LazyTown’s debut, I might have wondered why a child would want a watch with a picture of a pink-haired little girl on it, but now I understand. And if it gets them to bed on time, I’m all for it.

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2 thoughts on “Stay in shape for the holidays

  1. i think lazytown rulz. my fave character is sportacus played by magnus scheving. i came across lazytown one day when flicking through the channels and i watched it. ever since then i have loved it even though my mum wont let me watch it very often because i am 17. i know a few adults and teens without children older than me who watches it. my sister sometimes puts it on and says she put it on for her even though she put it on for me so that i can watch it but this doesnt happen very often