You’ll never see the toilet the same way again

If you’re up for a trip to the movies this weekend, perhaps you’re thinking of taking in the latest Aardman offering, Flushed Away, which opens tonight. Although the premise of critters being flushed didn’t sound like a very auspicious movie beginning to me, I have it on good authority that the 10-and-under set find this a perfectly marvelous way to start a tale. So there.

And the quirky Aardman Features style (is it just me, or do those rodents look a little bit like Wallace and Gromit?) combined with the genius that is Dreamworks Animation seems unlikely to let down even the adult moviegoers.

If you’re interested in as much backstory as you can gather, the fine folks over a Toon Zone were kind enough to do an entire interview series on the movie. All three installments are fascinating:

You can take your pick of—overwhelmingly favorable—reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes, but my favorite bit so far is from this review:

The French jokes are likely to fly over the kids’ heads. So might the cockroach reading Kafka, the references to the Bubonic Plague and the little clown fish who wants to find his dad. But unlike the similarly dual-layered “Shrek,” “Flushed Away” isn’t full of snide insider jokes about feuding studio moguls and the like. Most of the funny stuff is kid-friendly, and grownups don’t need a degree in Celebrity Slush 101 to get the gags.

There’s a cockroach reading Kafka? I love it already.

The kids will love poking around on the official movie site, and be sure to click through to play the AOL-hosted Flushed Away game, too. (It’s more fun than the “Screaming Slugs” game. Do not ask me how I know this. I plead the 5th.)

So go ahead—embrace the toilet humor. I won’t tell anyone. And enjoy the weekend!

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