Wiggles news and Doodlebops sweepstakes

Regular readers know that I am all about The Funny, and indeed, that’s certainly my preference, as matters go. Just about anything will yield some humor if you poke at it long enough. But I’m going to break from my usual schtick for just a moment, today.

If you’ve been to a Wiggles concert recently, or if you’ve been following the scuttlebutt, you probably already know that Greg Page (the yellow Wiggle) has been mysteriously absent from the stage lately. There has been wild speculation about his whereabouts and the circumstances surrounding his “disappearance,” but this week an official announcement was made. Page is suffering from an as yet undiagnosed ailment which causes fatigue and bouts of fainting.

I know I speak for everyone here at Ty’s Toy Box when I extend best wishes for Greg’s speedy recovery and continued good health. (And I’m not alone; it looks like Wiggles fans are already on the case.) Get well soon, Greg!

And in more cheerful news, Cookie Jar Entertainment is so excited about the new Mattel line of Doodlebops toys here at Ty’s Toy Box, they decided to celebrate in style. Visit the official Doodlebops site every day between now and December 15th for your chance to win a trip to California to see the Doodlebops perform live!

You can enter the sweepstakes once per day, and a prize pack winner will be randomly selected each day to receive cool Doodlebops toys. The Grand Prize trip winner will be selected at the close of the contest period (see official rules here). That’s forty-five daily prizes in all, plus the big trip for four to California. That’s a lot of happy Doodlebops fans, I’d wager.

In the meantime, be sure to check out all the new toys in the Doodlebops Store, particularly the great new backpack with removable lunchbag that comes with your choice of bonus watch in either blue or pink.

The holidays are coming, and we all know ’tis the season for brightly-colored children’s entertainers. Or so our kids would have us believe.

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26 thoughts on “Wiggles news and Doodlebops sweepstakes

  1. I want to let everyone know out there, that might be interested in seeing the Doodlebops concert in San Diego, that tickets were just about sold out when I purchased them last week. I wasn’t sure where to go with the info, but when I put my son on the site to play games, I went to look at the tour information and it said “tickets coming soon” so I thought everyone should know. Check your local venue to see if they are sold out before watiting on them to update the site. I can’t believe how popular they have become!!!! Good for them!

  2. When are the doodlebops coming to the UK my 3 year old is really into them but apart from ty’s toy store I have been unable to find any products for her. Come on doodlebops what about your UK fans

  3. My daughter is asking for the doodlebops for Christmas. I am very dissapointed to see they are sold out. (The 3 figurines). Does anyone know if they will be restocked before Christmas or if there’s another place they can be purchased?

  4. please, please, please we need the figurines!! Not very good planning for Christmas during a concert tour! How could you not know they would be flying off the shelves? My 5 yr old daughter LOVES them, and talks to them incessantly. Which is a wonderful thing b/c she has Down’s Syndrome and forming words is very difficult for her, so anything that gets her using her words is highly encouraged in our house. We just saw the show in Albany last week and she couldn’t stop talking the rest of the night. I purchased the bus, but it’s really no fun if Bob has nobody to get to the show! What’s a mom to do?!

  5. The Doodlebops figurines should be back in stock by the end of the week; please be patient. It’s not that the planning was poor but that the fan base and demanding is growing even more quickly than anticipated. Don’t worry! They’re coming! :)

  6. Will you be getting more figurines???? My son really loves the doodlebops and he will be crushed to get the bus but now his favorite characters. Please help a mom that is trying to make her son happy and tell me that you will get more figurines.

  7. Hi! My twins love the doodlebops and they are going to be so disappointed when they get the bus and not the doodlebops. Can you please bring in some more figurines please. There birthdays are after the holidays and i would like for them to get them for christmas or for there birthdays.Come on!!! The amount of kids that love the doodlebops around is alot so you should know to get alot of it in. PLease get more for the twins and all the other doodlebop fans who are hoping to get some doodlebop figurines.

    A mother who loves her Twins,request your HELP!!! THank YOU!

  8. yeah can anyone tell me if they are touring in the uk my 2 year old son loves them and i would love to take him

  9. is there a UK tour planned?
    our two year old adores the ‘bop-bops’ and we would love to see the show !

  10. My 17 month old LOVES the doodlebops…does anyone know when they’re coming to cleveland ohio??i would love to take my son

  11. I was just wondering when you would be getting the Doodlebop figurines back in stock. I am planning my daughter’s third birthday party and I just picked up the bus. I was looking for the rest of them so I would have a complete set. Please let me know as soon as possible (Her birthday is at the end of May!).

  12. hi i wouldl like to now when the doodle bops are coming to london england i also have a five year old how insists on seeing the doodle bops please dont your uk fans ps were can i buy the dolls in the uk uk i cant find them anywhere someone help thanks!

  13. I need to locate the 3 doodlebops figurines to go with the bus we got for my son. Any ideas when you will have them in stock or where else I can get them?

  14. hi does any one know when the wiggles is coming to the uk my 2 year old son is crazy about them please help i need tickets?

  15. I purchased the Change and go Bus for my little boy who is mad about Doodlebops and I can’t find the figurines that go with it (Deedee, Roney and Mo) where can I purchase these and can they be shipped to the UK. Secondly as we also live in the UK and I would very much love to take him to a concert, my question is when will the Doodlebops being coming to the UK (Scotland), the doodlebops have a massive fan base here too!

  16. I need to locate the 3 doodlebops figures to go with the bus I got for my daughter. Any ideas when you will have them in stock or where else I can get them?

  17. when are the doodlebops coming to the uk? i think they shud reli cum my lil cuz loves them sooooooooooo much i wud love to take her to there tour!

  18. my son is austism he want figures of the doodlebop.can anyone help me find them.he got the bus so where can you find them

  19. My 2 year old daughter (well almost 2) is a huge fan off the doodlebops to and we are eagerly awaiting for them to come and tour in the UK. I hope its soon, her birthday is on feb 6th and we are having a doodlebops themed party for her, i cant wait, we know all of the songs, we look forward to seeing you doodlebops!!x

  20. Does anyone know when the dooplebops are coming to the uk my daughter loves them and i would love to take her?

  21. Is there any news on the UK tour yet?

    we are dying to meet the Doodlebops!!!

    STOP teasing us!!

  22. Hi like everyone else I am looking for the set of three doodlebops to go in the bus! My two year old LOVES them and I was hoping to find them by this Christmas which is December 08…I know they are out of stock so anything used or new would be great!

  23. yes, i need to know when they are coming to the uk. My 19 mo daughter is obsessed, thank God for sky plus so i can record all episodes for her as she asks for it on again the second it finishes. Please, please, tell me they are coming to the UK and soon!

  24. Yes PLEASE when are they coming to the UK?? My daughter 2, also loves them and I would love to take her to a show. I’m sure there is a huge fan base in the UK thanks to the Disney Channel