Flicka fever

TGIF, and welcome again to another edition of What The Heck Movie Is Opening This Weekend That The Children Will Demand To See! Perhaps you don’t play this game, at your house, but we consider it just good clean fun around here.

(Bonus points are gathered for movies that have extra-annoying commercials that run every five minutes.)

Anyway, as you might imagine, there is currently a battle raging at my house. My daughter has decided that she simply does not have the will to continue living without an immediate trip to the cinema to behold Flicka. It has a girl! And a horse! She! Must! See! It!

My son begs to differ. In fact, my son begs to not be subjected to this Festival of Estrogen. Flicka is a “girls movie,” according to him, and he wants none of it. (And why are horses the domain of girls, exactly?)

As for me, I sit squarely in the middle of this debate. I am Switzerland. So far the reviews have been split; plenty of folks are unimpressed, while others feel it’s a solid family film.

Variety’s Todd McCarthy is suitably impressed:

To call this the best horse-and-kid picture since “The Black Stallion” a quarter century ago is true but misleading; it’s not really either an animal or a kids’ film but rather a young adult drama that rings emotionally true, with nary a manufactured note struck.

(He does go on to predict mediocre box office performance due to insufficient marketing, which is another topic entirely. I’ll be curious to see if he’s right, though.)

On the other hand, Frank Swietek of One Guy’s Opinion doesn’t mince words:

The sad fact is that “Flicka” makes “Dreamer,” the last mediocre girl-and-her-horse movie, seem almost brilliant by comparison.


“Flicka” tries—but fails miserably.

(Other than that, Mr. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?)

Whether you plan to head out to Flicka this weekend or not, it’s always entertaining to do your movie research over at Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, after I do some reading over there, I often conclude the movie cannot possibly be as entertaining as the reviews, and I should quit while I’m ahead.

Have a great weekend, and keep your eyes peeled for wild mustangs!

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