Cartoon Network on your phone

No time to sit down on your couch and chill out while watching your favorites on Cartoon Network? No problem:

[...] Turner’s Cartoon Network is being made available for consumer downloads through the Nokia Content Discoverer client, embedded in millions of Nokia devices currently available in markets around the globe.

Under a multi-country agreement between the companies, mobile subscribers will be able to browse, download and purchase over-the-air Cartoon Network games, video clips, and other content from a dedicated Cartoon Network mobile content “storefront” available to consumers through the device-resident Nokia Content Discoverer client, part of Nokia’s complete mobile content ecosystem.

“Mobile content ecosystem,” huh? That makes it sound so much more like a special foreign land with a lush rainforest and rare animals than, say, another way to spend your money and out-gadget your pals.

The new agreement provides a simple method for people to quickly access and enjoy Cartoon Network entertainment on buses, at school or in the office, according to Phil Lawrie, Vice President, Commercial Distribution & Digital Media Sales, Turner Broadcasting.

“Turner is delighted to offer a Cartoon Network catalog as part of the exciting Nokia Content Discoverer initiative,” said Mr. Lawrie. “Accessing and buying mobile content can often be challenging for the end-user. Having an embedded showcase for our Cartoon Network content as part of Nokia Content Discoverer will eliminate these barriers and provide a shop window for games, video clips, wallpapers and much more in the future. In a nutshell, it’s content purchase made easy – with a positive commercial outcome for all stakeholders: Turner, Nokia and the network operator. And our consumers will now be just a few key-strokes away from Cartoon Network favorites like The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory.”

Heaven knows I have nothing against The Powerpuff Girls or Dexter. Heck, get some Jimmy Neutron in that catalog and I may be congratulating Nokia on their brilliance, myself. For real. But I am troubled by this mobile storefront thing.

Do you have a cell phone? Do you have a kid? Has your child ever accidentally called Yugoslavia on your cell phone?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

I don’t want to be “just a few key-strokes away” from purchasing stuff on my cell phone. Rather, I don’t want the sticky fingers that find their way into my purse to have that sort of ease of access.

Oh well. There’s no stopping the onward march of technology and progress. I may find myself eating my words someday while trapped in traffic or otherwise requiring the distraction that this may provide.

Until then, I’ll be relying on my favorite cell phone feature: the keypad lock.

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