Retro cool: Legion of Super Heroes

Legion of Super Heroes, before, but I can’t find it now. So it’s possible that I just imagined the whole thing. I have a very active imagination, you know. (Some of my previous imaginings include such far-fetched scenarios as being all caught up on the laundry and neither of the children getting sick for the entire winter. Ha!)

Anyway, if I had talked about Legion, it most likely would’ve gone something like this: Wah wah wah, I am sad about Teen Titans being cancelled, but there is a small chance that Legion of Super Heroes will fill this hole in my heart.

(I’d like to tell you it would’ve made more sense than that, but I’m afraid that’s pretty much what I would’ve said.)

I don’t know if they’ve truly filled the hole, but they are just the kind of entertainment that someone who, say, grew up on Super Friends and later enjoyed Teen Titans might really get into. Its roots are in “old school” comics, while still bringing in plenty of what makes a modern kids’ show appealing.

if you haven’t seen it, don’t take my word for it—check out the recent interviews over at CBR’s The Comic Reel.

First, producer James Tucker talks about how gratifying the project has been:

“Having worked most of my animation career on the DCUA shows, I wasn’t expecting the fan reaction to be so positive,” Tucker told CBR News. “I was thoroughly prepared to stay away from the message boards for the duration of the series, but I couldn’t help myself and peeked the Sunday after the premiere. One of the most gratifying things about the positive response has been the amount of parents who say they are enjoying the show with their kids. ‘Legion’ is the perfect property to do a light-hearted, child friendly take on and I’m glad we didn’t over think the premise or mess around with the formula too much.”

And then he reflects on one of the differences between Legion and Titans:

“I think it’s the fact that this is a group made up of the best of the best. Not anyone can be a Legionnaire. In the comics in particular, it was a grueling process just to be accepted. So in that way it’s probably the only book that mirrors what it feels like to be in high school, on the cusp of adulthood and striving to be the best, and fit in with your peers. Oh, and also all the crushing that goes on between the members really echoes the feelings of being teenagers. Titans, on the other hand, originally, was about sidekicks who formed their own group to get out the shadows of their mentors. That has more to do with parent/child relations. I suppose Legion is the idealized version of teenhood in a structured high school setting, which is something that was a particularly good fit for the kind of show KidsWB has wanted for a while.”

Next, Story Editor Rob Hoegee weighs in on the important matters:

When asked how he chose which characters to focus on, Hoegee, explained, “It’s a lot like casting a sitcom. You look at who works well together and go with it. We knew Superman would always be standing at the center, so a large part of the decisions were based on creating a team around him. They needed to be equally iconic. One look at them should give you a pretty good idea of who they are and what their power is – or at least set your imagination off to work. I love all of the characters, but Bouncing Boy and Brainiac 5 I have a special fondness for.”

And he finishes out the interview with a teaser, so take note if you’re a fan:

“Lots of new characters, that’s for sure,” he said of what to expect. “We’ve got a two-part season finale that promises to be a real knockout. We actually get a bit epic in the last three episodes, with writing duties split between Amy Wolfram, David Slack and myself. As far as hints, I’ve noticed in the fan feedback to our ‘Timber Wolf’ episode many were wondering why we set the story on the planet Raal instead of Zoon. This wasn’t an oversight. You’ll find our why in episode 9.”

I dunno. It all sounds good, and we do enjoy the show. But I can’t help feeling that it would be even better if they added in a super hero monkey. Right? Who’s with me?

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4 thoughts on “Retro cool: Legion of Super Heroes

  1. Wow, your imagination is so powerful that I remember you writing about Teen Titans being cancelled! Very strange.

    Maybe it was on your WCS blog? I think it was.

    K- was that creepy and stalkerish? I swear, I am not stalking you. I just think you are really, really, really, really funny and interesting and pretty! :)

  2. HA! No, I think it may have been on the old Ty’s blog, actually, which still has yet to be ported over to this platform.

    And I don’t find you creepy and stalkerish at all. More… delightfully suck-up-y. Yes, that’s it. ;)

  3. Super Heroes – good. Gleek – not so good. Though I was very fond of Zan and Jana, and haven’t re-watched since I became an adult to see if I’d still like them or find them super-annoying.

  4. Yep, it was the old Ty’s blog back in May, here to be specific. You said there that “Iââ¬â¢ve said it before and Iââ¬â¢ll say it again–while I doubt Legion will fill the hole in my heart that the cancellation of Teen Titans left, it will certainly help.”

    I’ve got some searches that bring me news and info on the Legion (TV show and comic book), that’s how I found you, by the way. I run the Legion Omnicom, which is a Legion-centric blog.

    Hope the show is helping to fill that hole in your heart!