They’re bigger outside of the television

They’re the Doodlebops, they’re the Doodlebops, they’re the Doodlebops, oooohhhh yeaaaahhhhh….

And they’re on their first-ever tour in the United States. Live. Large and in charge, and bringing your toddler the kind of ecstasy that only a trio of neon-clad, hyper musicians can create. It’s the Doodlebops, but bigger! And brighter!

Of course, you know all about the Doodlebops, because you’re hip. But just in case someone out there is wondering, the Associated Press’ Samantha Critchell was kind enough to answer the most basic of questions: What’s a Doodlebop?

The Doodlebops are singing siblings ââ¬â or at least they play them on TV.

Stars of a Playhouse Disney cable TV show since spring 2005, the Canadian trio has become a favorite of the preschool set throughout the United States. The group, whose show follows them on crazy adventures and on to the concert stage, has just kicked off a national U.S. tour.

You’d think they might want to start out small, but you’d be wrong. The Doodlebops will be hitting 75 cities across the United States this tour season—a grueling schedule even for performers whose fans don’t wear diapers.

Ty’s Toy Box isn’t just bringing you hot new Doodlebops merchandise, they’re committed to going the extra mile for their customers. Which is why Ty Simpson himself went to Madison Square Garden to hang out with the colorful trio and help kick off the tour. Research, you understand.

Ty schmoozes the Doodlebops.

(I dunno… I think Ty looks a little washed out in the picture. Maybe we can get him a nice chartreuse blush….)

And here we see a shot of the actual performance:

The Doodlebops perform at Madison Square Garden,

(From that distance, they actually don’t scare me so much. Except the guy with the big head there… he still scares me. Yes, the average toddler is braver than me. Hush.)

And just in case you’re wondering if anyone else was there with Ty:

The show was sold out.

(Hey, those Doodlebops are kinda popular!)

With 75 tour stops, there’s bound to be one near you. You can check their tour schedule and start planning for your own close encounter of the Doodlebops kind.

(By the way, whether you’ll be attending the tour or not… have a Doodlebops fan at your house? A little birdie told me we might be giving away a Doodlebops prize pack here on the blog. Stay tuned for your chance to win!)

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6 thoughts on “They’re bigger outside of the television

  1. I was at the MSG show also, with a 2 year old, a 3 year old and a six year old. Our show started at 5PM but Bob the bus driver was out on stage entertaining the crowd at about 4:30, which was nice. Then the show didn’t start until almost 5:15. At 5:40 there was a 20 minute intermission … which was way too long … the kids were getting bored. But I guess that was to try to sell their overpriced merchandise (buy your t-shirts from Ty’s … they’re $25 each at the show!). Then another 25 minutes of show and we were on our train by 6:40. The kids loved it and the show was very good … and although I did some complaining here, I am glad we went. (Also, the DVDs were $30 each … I bought them the next day at Toys R Us for $11.99 each … buy one get one 50% off)

  2. My grandson Carter 16 mo. old is a big fan. He calls you the bebops. Would love it if you toured to Toronto, Canada. Thanks!

  3. I attended , with my 1 1/2 yr old the Doodlebops in Fayetville,NC.Nov 4,2008. Very disappointed that they were not on their instruments much at all. The extra dancers they had blocked the doodlebops , thet were a distraction,and took away from the doodlebbops. Knowing the fans are all small children I thought some of their acts were way to loud for them. some of the extra loudness stuff is unnecessary. Other than that my grandson enjoyed the show.Mary Ann