I think Columbus probably would’ve approved

Happy Columbus Day to my fellow American readers! (Hey, happy Columbus Day to my non- American readers, too, but you know, it’s a national holiday here and… well… not, elsewhere.) Today we celebrate the discovery of our fine country by a man who wasn’t very good with directions. Excellent.

Perhaps you already have plans for the day, but if you don’t, never fear. Around here, the kids are off school and most folks are off of work. The possibilities seem endless. But maybe all you’re really in the mood to do is your best couch potato impersonation. Or maybe you (like me) are feeling generous; the usual “one half-hour show and that’s it” edict of the school week can wait another day. If that’s where you’re at, Cartoon Network has you covered.

Today (Monday, October 9th) Cartoon Network is showing five and a half solid hours of Ben 10! Heaven for your little alien fanatic, no? Not that I’m suggesting you allow your kid(s) to watch the entire thing… that would be… well, excessive. But what a great day to record some extras for an emergency (what? you’ve never had a Ben 10 emergency at your house?) or pick out a few favorite episodes to watch.

The episode schedule is as follows:

2:00 Grudge Match
2:30 Secrets
3:00 Gwen 10 (this is my daughter’s favorite)
3:30 Hunted
4:00 Framed
4:30 Camp Fear
5:00 Kevin 11
5:30 Ghost Freaked Out
6:00 Big Tick
6:30 Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray
7:00 Back With A Vengeance

I can think of many worse ways to spend a day. And really, how many Columbus Day sales does a person need to go to before a few hours with a smattering of alien invaders sounds preferable? Not too many, I’d argue.

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One thought on “I think Columbus probably would’ve approved

  1. Too funny. That marathon lost me all 5.5 hours today, as the kids ran, played, painted, and so forth in front of the TV while it was on. Ben10 os one of the only “mindless” shows I let them watch. *chuckle*