Tokyo will never be the same

Did you see it? Did you watch Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo this weekend? Don’t tell me you missed it!! Actually, don’t tell me if you saw it, either—we recorded it but still haven’t watched it. I know. I’m a horrible mother, dangling the movie as a bribe over my children’s heads. I figure I can only milk it until the weekend, if that long. But we’re really looking forward to watching it just as soon as I stop being so mean.

Anyway, lots of lots of people who do not have mean mothers who make them do things like go to school and do homework and chores and attend practices and games and such did watch it. And the verdict on the streets? It’s good, baby. Lots of classic Titans’ drama with new twists thrown in as well. (Warning: Do not start reading those bulletin boards unless you are prepared to be a little frightened by how seriously some people take their Titans. Fair warning.)

Newsarama brings us a great interview with Glen Murakami about the movie. There is extensive discussion of Robin as the main character and this being a coming-of-age story for him. But in true Titans fashion, Murakami balances the serious with the campy. Interviewer Steve Fritz notes:

Still, Robin may be the star, the character who chews up the scenery is Beast Boy. From the moment he lands in Tokyo, his desire to visit Japanââ¬â¢s #1 manga publisher will have some interesting results. There’s also a great series of sketches regarding him chasing your classic Japanese high school girl. Yet there’s one sequence in particular, where he sings the Titans theme song in a karaoke bar, that left me in stitches, especially for the inside jokes running through it.

Beast Boy doing karaoke of the Titans theme song?? I love it. I may have to stop being mean mama and get these kids to come sit down for a couple of hours so that we can watch this bad boy.

In the meantime, if you missed the movie, it’ll be out on DVD in November. Whether you caught the movie or not, if your Titans nostalgia has been stirred up and you’re feeling all empty inside, I suggest picking up the newly-released complete second season on DVD. Or, if you’re really far behind on your Titans worship, grab the complete first season on DVD, first.

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo will never be the same

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  2. i really so much wanted 2 watch da trouble in tokyo but i didnt watch it! and if u wanna tell me where i can watch the whole movie free then message me or leave a rply!