Everyone’s Hero opening today

Happy Friday! Today is an especially awesome Friday, because it brings with it an embarrassment of movie riches. If—for some crazy reason—you’re not content to stay in tonight and watch either the Avatar movie or the Teen Titans movie, you could head out to the cinema and check out Everyone’s Hero, which opens tonight.

(But, seriously. Everyone’s Hero will still be there tomorrow. The only issue on your mind today should be whether to watch Secret of the Fire Nation and record Trouble in Tokyo, or the other way around. Every day should bring dilemmas such as these, you know?)

Regardless of which movie you decide to watch when, you might be searching for the scoop on Everyone’s Hero before making a decision on whether or not to see it.

Slant Magazine opines that the marketing has necessarily been heavy on the backstory (this was Christopher Reeve’s last project before his death, and Dana Reeve was an executive producer and subsequently died, as well) because the film itself is somewhat directionless:

To understand what’s wrong with this film it’s perhaps necessary to hold it up to the light in one hand and Monster House in the other: One film justifiesââ¬âspiritually and emotionallyââ¬âwhy a house might come to life, while the other doesn’t even try to explain why a ball and a bat are able to talk to the story’s main character.

A bit more charitably, Newsarama’s Steve Fritz dubs the film “a super attempt,” even while pointing out its shortcomings. When all is said and done, he’s still inclined towards kindness:

But Iââ¬â¢m still not going to dump to hard on this film. First and foremost, Iââ¬â¢m a diehard baseball fan whose dad did brick and mortar work on Shea Stadium (so guess what team I root for). There were times when the fan in me had a nice giggle, such as hiring Joe Torre to voice the manager of the Yankees. Also, Jake Austin (whose regular gig is Go! Diego! Go!) and Disney vet Raven-Symone, are the real animation vets in the cast, do highly credible jobs.

So all I can finally say is if you want to take your kids to a movie that will more than likely entertain them, by all means go to this one. It wonââ¬â¢t be a bad one for them. Just remember Iââ¬â¢m not going to go to hard on this one. Just call me a sucker for good intentions.

And if you need a bit of levity to balance it all out? Be sure to check out the About.com interview with Rob Reiner about his research in preparation for the role of Screwie. (Totally worth the read; Reiner was clearly feeling a bit screwy, himself.)

Anyway, the reviews of Everyone’s Hero have been decidedly lukewarm, but if you have small children or a deep love of baseball you may find it palatable.

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