Kid couture

School is finally—FINALLY!—starting here. Tomorrow. Tomorrow my children go back to school. Not that I’m excited, or anything. It has been really magical, having them home all summer, bickering with each other over important issues like who sat on that couch last. Ahem.

Anyway, writing about backpacks got me thinking about the other must-have items with which my children are obsessed. Often it’s a certain brand of shirt or a kind of pants (remember the zip-offs craze? I still twitch a little when I think about it), but this year they are All About The Shoes.

The Shoes™ ’round these parts this year are Crocs, hands down. I don’t know if the craze has gripped the rest of the country the same way, but we are powerless against it, here. Yes. Our youth insist on wearing brightly-colored nursing clogs. Fabulous!

Of course, those with money to burn have the genuine article, and I’m sure my kids would love me more if they did, too. But thankfully for those of us who aren’t driving our kids to school in our Ferraris, there are an endless supply of knock-offs in more affordable brands. After some tense negotiations, we managed to procure the coveted shoes in an acceptable brand, at a price that didn’t land me in the poorhouse.

So. Are they looking forward to seeing their friends again? Meeting their new teachers? Cracking those pristine notebooks, toting the new backpacks, unzipping the new lunchboxes? Of course not. They can’t wait to wear their new shoes.

I have no idea where they got the shoe obsession gene. Maybe from their father.

Stop looking at me.

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