The final days of Summer

The kids are headed back to school in just over a week. Soccer practice is starting. The days are getting shorter again, and at night there is a perceptible chill in the air.

Soon, we’ll be Back On Schedule. Bedtime will be an ironclad deadline once again. There will be homework, and Saturday games to get to, and early morning oatmeal.

The biggest change—at least in my kids’ minds—will be the television restriction. Although I am quick to boot them outside to play on nice days in the summer, I also have no problem letting them watch TV for a few hours on a rainy day. And while I’m getting organized for the day in the morning, it’s not unusual for them to have breakfast in front of the set. Why not? During the school year, though, they’ll be lucky to get half an hour of TV in the evening, if that. They’re already lamenting how all of that learning and organized exercise is going to seriously cut into their viewing time.

Poor dears.

On some level, it cracks me up that they see summer as Television Time. At the same time when I’ve given up my viewing (because all of the shows I favor are, of course, on hiatus until fall), they’re like leeches on the screen. “Noooooo, Mama! Don’t make us go outside and PLAY! We haven’t seen this episode ten times yet!”

And now we enter my favorite time: With the return to school and routine and fewer TV hours, they’ll have to really think about what they want to watch. Which will be the favored show(s) this season? Only time will tell.

[image courtesy of NSGA - Sportime International]

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