The wait is almost over: Teen Titans on the horizon

There’s great news today from The anxiously-awaited Teen Titans movie is coming to television sooner than previously thought!

Great news! Seems the Teen Titans movie will air earlier than last reported! According to Cartoon Network promo bumps (shown during Teen Titans airings), the TV premiere of “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo” airs this September! No exact dates & times yet, but looks like those who didn’t see it at Comic-Con last month will get their chance in a few short weeks!

And if that’s not exciting enough for you (and really, it should be, because that’s pretty darned exciting), there’s even more good Titans news:

Comics Continuum has put up DVD menu screens for the “Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season” DVD, as well as a description for the “Catching up with…Teen Titans” extra feature. Turns out the extra is a montage of videoclips from Season 1, as a catch-up for those just starting on Season 2′s DVD. Other than that and a trailer for “Trouble in Tokyo”, no additional Titans extras have been announced.

They’ve also reported that “The Complete Second Season” will be out September 16th (moved up from the 26th, as originally slated), with no DVD release date for “Trouble in Tokyo” yet.

Would it be premature, do you think, to start popping the popcorn now? Yes? Fine. Be that way.

I’ll let you know as soon as there’s a firm air date for the movie. We can’t wait!

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