You’re a good man, Charles Schulz

When I was a child, I had an iron-clad bedtime by which international clocks were set. It was pointless to beg or plead for “fifteen more minutes” or the like; bedtime was one of those things like death or taxes. There was just one exception to the bedtime rule: Peanuts.

My brother and I were allowed to stay up late for Peanuts holiday specials.

My favorite was “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” although “Snoopy, Come Home” (okay; technically that’s not a holiday special) ran a close second. The gamut of Peanuts specials was varied yet predictable, and whenever I saw a commercial for an upcoming one I only had to point it out and permission was granted to stay up.

I think my parents were Peanuts fans, as well.

But you know what blows my mind? My kids love the old Peanuts movies. Love them. In this era of amazing computer animation, it’s a testament to the stories and characters that today’s kids still love the Peanuts gang.

Do you share the Peanuts love? It might be time to tell your story. Thanks to The Comics Reporter for highlighting this article:

Two men are looking for stories they can use in an upcoming book tentatively titled “Security Blankets: How Charles M. Schulz Touched Our Lives.”

The Andrews McMeel Publishing book will be a collection of heartwarming, uplifting, and other tales of how Schulz and his “Peanuts” comic and characters affected people.

Submissions can be shared here. Go forth and spread the love.

[image courtesy of The Official Peanuts Website]

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